Aurorialana is a film director, actress, screenwriter, musician and humanitarian. She writes her music with a passion for a greater world. Her work is a dedication to make this world a greater place.

She is a  Law student. Who works for human rights. She is also studying a Bsc(Psychology). In her spare time she goes for coffee in the city and reads books in front of The State Library. She also likes travelling and visiting new places.

She had written and directed two short films, “The sun shine for us both” and “Letter to Mom”. Both of which has been selected and finallists in Film festivals.

She had written two screenplays: “The Fame Man” And “ When the nested birds flys home.” They are in the progress of production.

“The Fame Man” Screenplay can be read here: Fame Man v12b-b.pdf

She has a video: “So Naturally”. It’s written about a love interest.

Her music is made for healling the world. It’s meant to write about the positive things so people can think about them. Every time a person listens, the lyrics and music is meant to give them something soothing, healing and positive.

The EP “In the Sky” is about a positive world where everyone is understanding and love one another. It is a world that exists “In the Sky”, in thoughts. When people think about it, and love, and work for it, it will happen, right away. :)

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The video is here: “So Naturally - Aurorialana - Official Music Video.”

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 Instagram : @aurorialanawinanforbes

Twitter: @awinanforbes



Other Works:

She also holds a Bachelor in Fashion Design. She has 4 companies:

Milky Context, Something Context, Milky Context Shoes, Angels Ration.

These are her companies:

Milky Context Clothing :

Something Context Zigzaw:

Angels Ration Make Up and Skincare :

Milky Context Shoes :